2008 Mitsubishi Evo 10

It's difficult these days to find a car that truly epitomizes function just as much as it illustrates form -- the two are often in opposition versus in coalition. For Ronald Vasquez's 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X, however, function is what compliments the form that only betters the function -- this is, without doubt or argument, one of the best examples of both worlds beautifully combined.

Beginning from the inside out, Ronald's Evo X sports a heavy list of interior mods: a set of Bride Stradia CFRP V2 seats are complimented by Bride door panels, a Sparco harness bar, Takata seat belts, a Nardi steering wheel, a Works bell hub / bell flipper / bell quick release, TWM short shifter, TWM full replacement shifter cage, TWM shifter bushing, and a Moddiction weighted shift knob.

Making our way outside, Ronald is opted for a Do-Luck trunk, Seibon carbon rear diffuser, AIT side skirts, JDP front lip, and a shorty antenna. Under the bonnet you'll find an Injen intake and UICP along with a CNT exhaust, test pipe, and down pipe.

Stance-wise, Ronald is sitting on a set of candy teal 19x10.5 +15 (all-around) CCW SP-16R's wrapped in 275/30/19 Nitto Invo's. KWS coilovers keep the wheels flush with the rear rolled fenders, creating a highly aggressive yet incredibly clean stance.

As with many (if not all) true enthusiasts, Ronald is far from complete as he has plans to install a Vortex lip with splitter along with a ETS front mount intercooler and down-pipe. For the track, he also has a set of CCW Classics -- using them for what they were originally designed to do. At the end of the day, though, Ronald's Evo X is a bit of a paradox: its functionality not only makes sense on the track, its form makes sense on the showroom floor -- and, as a result, we stand stunned by its look with respect for its performance.

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