2006 Honda Civic Si

In the early 1960's, a new trend came out of Japan called "shakotan" revolving around incredibly low cars that often had very wide wheels and stretched tires -- a trend epitomized by the Kenmeri Skyline (and virtually every model of Skyline that followed). With its overall aggressive stance, the shakotan trend made its way into the drift scene two decades later as the likes of Keiichi Tsuchiya and others began running wide wheels with low offsets and stretched tires to achieve a wide track yet accommodate for very low ride height. Then, in 2001, the term "hellaflush" was coined from the drift scene by Team Fatlace, who then developed the trend throughout the import culture; although, it was already a growing trend in the European tuning community: a trend birthed from drift, rooted in shakotan.

In the span of a few short years, the hellaflush movement broke into virtually every part of the world and, eventually, every major city in the country. Places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, New Jersey, New York City, Atlanta, and Miami began to unify the import tuning community under the banner of stance and hellaflush fitment.

Colorado, however, had yet to receive the movement -- even with its incredible growth and development, the hellaflush concept was still fairly new and foreign to Coloradans. As such, having spent a gross amount of time doing research, networking, and discovering the potential throughout Colorado for a new, unifying, and progressive trend in the tuning community, Tony and I founded ProForm Industries with the hopes and commitment of not merely exposing Colorado to the hellaflush movement but developing it for the long-haul.

My 2006 Honda Civic Si, seen here, reveals the resulting commitment Proform has made to the stance and hellaflush culture. In hopes of leading by example, I opted for the highest quality and most creatively branded wheels I could think of -- while CCW Classics would have been my second choice, I opted for 17x8 +13 front and 17x9 +19 rear BBS RS with candy teal faces and polished lips and hardware. To add an additional touch of class, I opted for upgraded 1 inch BBS center caps, available only through BBS Japan for a hefty but worthwhile price tag.

The car is lowered on Buddy Club N+ coilovers with both rear perches removed to lower the car as much as possible. At this point, fitment inevitably became an issue -- therefore, in order to accommodate for the low offset, I had Dave at Tire Source (Boulder, CO) stretch a set of 205/40 Toyo Proxies T1S and I had store owner Pete roll both the front and rear fenders. Still struggling with rear fitment, however, I had to add Buddy Club rear camber arms, set to -4.5 degrees, to barely make the setup fit.

Although I had also invested in the motor, I sold both a Helix throttle body spacer and K&N Typhoon intake in order to keep the motor stock apart from Vibrant Race Headers and a Vibrant Street Power cat-back exhaust. Outside, I installed a set of 5000K HID headlights and 3000K HID foglights along with Nokya Hyper Yellow daytime running lights -- all accenting the front and rear HFP lip kits and candy teal JDM emblem and "Si" badge.

While my car might not be the most hellaflush car in Colorado, it does have what many would call the "basic essentials" for a hellaflush setup: camber, stretch, poke, and low -- which is coincidentally our blog's motto. As such, as I look at my build, I cannot help but have one and only one hope: that those who never thought it could be possible discover that it is and commit to doing the same -- and I don't mean simply bringing a Japanese trend to America but to develop Colorado's tuning scene and push it forward, pursuing new ideas, pushing the limits of offset, stretching tires, and keeping cars low.

Rory June 19, 2012 at 2:06 AM

This is a awesome civic and seeing it in person was even better it's nice knowing there is some class running around colorado mad props phillip.

Camilo June 8, 2013 at 9:25 PM

tell me where to get the blue emblems.

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