WekFest IV

While I remain a Colorado native, I can't deny that California is like a second home to me -- the one place I visit frequently throughout the year is San Francisco and it is a blessed coincidence that the Bay Area hosts the west coast's most popular and prestigious stanced car show: WekFest by WekSos. This event, as witnessed first-hand, not only draws thousands upon thousands of visitors, it showcases the most properly built cars in the west coast. As such, I found it to be my obligation and rightful duty to share only a small glimpse of what will forever be the only car show worth a four-hour wait in the freezing cold.

Each car was perfectly done and it is difficult to resist the conclusion that each and every car showing was worth a feature of its own. Furthermore, the presence of culture-leading vendors was unforgettable -- meeting the Canibeat team and Fatlace staff in person is something I use to fuel all my visions for Proform forward, regardless of the challenges and difficulties, knowing that they too overcame the very same obstacles.

While Colorado may be far off from a show like this, there are a plethora of lessons that can be taken from observing events like WekFest: the most important of which would be that community is not just important but when it comes to something like developing an automotive culture, community is absolutely essential. In other words, Proform does not merely exist to pursue an individual vision; rather, Proform exists to serve, edify, and humbly lead the community in every way possible. We are committed to serve you, the reader, and make sure your investment in us -- whether it is your energy, time, or financial contributions -- is maximally returned with utmost satisfaction.

As such, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail (see below in the "About" section) and let us know how we are doing -- or, better yet, visit our Facebook page and show us your support or your constructive criticism so that we can further serve and develop the community -- not just an idea or trend.

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