Proper Posture

Teaming up with Monique at Sicksation and Simply Fresh Fitment crew, Proper Posture was the not only our first hosted event but it was a monumental keystone to our development as a blog and organization. Starting off with an overwhelming amount of objectives, we've learned to simplify ourselves down to one rudimentary mission: showcase all that is proper as we seek to illustrate our name, Proper Form, or in short, ProForm.

But apart from selfish gains as a team, Proper Posture provided us with a glimpse into Colorado's automotive tuning culture and, as expected, it is incredibly (though delightfully) diverse. The amount of variance in the cars was unbelievable, not to mention the sheer amount of cars in attendance.

And, wherever there is diversity, there is the possibility for community and, even better, unity. While this meet may not have had an overwhelming sense of unity, it did have a strong sense of community as attendees were all open and willing to share the stories behind their builds, offering the beauty of personal experience and a missional individualism: while the cars varied, the hearts of every enthusiast was arguably unified under the same notions -- (a) there are a lot of cars in attendance and (b) this is the beginning of something different.

As such, Proper Posture will forever remain a pivotal moment for both Proform and, hopefully, Colorado, as the efforts we've established through this event will forever be discussed, shared, and reflected in future events.

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