Meat and Greet

Equipped with a hard lesson in the importance of community from Proper Posture, our Meet/Meat-and-Greet event was intentionally designed to be small, selective, and casual, offering the time and place for those who have an appreciation for stance to genuinely gather together and share ideas, builds, and future plans. In short, our BYOBBQ at Chatfield Lake epitomized everything we desire as a blog, uniting every attendee under the umbrella of stance.

I've attended various events in the Bay Area and I can confidently say that this meet was on par with some of the local and smaller meets in San Francisco -- consisting of a good balance between form-driven and function-driven cars, our BBQ gathered a diverse and unique series of cars, each committed, in some fashion, to stance and the hellaflush movement: whether it was a willingness and desire to stance one's car or whether it was a fully built setup with proper fitment, every attendee was genuinely open and friendly to the idea of discussing and sharing personal ideas on the trend.

These discussions were worth every penny spent on renting the property and investing so much time and administrative effort on the planning the event because it is through these discussion -- the asking and answering of questions about fitment, price, shops, etc. -- that develop both the automotive community and the hellaflush movement, introducing people to fresh ideas without losing the pragmatics of things like practicality, cost, and parts.

We at Proform hope to provide the community with more events like these, committed to offering a genuinely authentic sense of community and allowing discussions to be had, ideas to be shared, and the movement to be spread through Colorado.

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