2010 VW Golf TDI

One thing I absolutely love about Volkswagen, simply as a company, is their ability to design cars that have striking and bold architecture yet simple and clean design lines. Even their print material like brochures and pamphlets make profound use of negative space and clean, organized fonts and pictures to depict not only a car but a brand that has acquired so many devout followers. In keeping with VW's iconic boldness in simplicity, long-time Colorado-native Dallas Hinman has modified this 2010 Golf TDI (plus Technology Package) with striking modifications, though, with simple overall form.

With major plans for the motor, Dallas currently has a Revo Stage 1 Tune in preparation for more motor mods; however, what might seem like a lack in function, Dallas has pleasingly compensated by form: The most immediate feature on Dallas' car is the immaculate set of 18x8.5 +40 front and +37 rear Rotiform NUE's, powder-coated in gloss white and wrapped in perfectly stretched 215/40 Hankook Ventus V12's -- the first set of white NUE's anyone in ProForm has ever seen, whether in pictures or in person.

These unique wheels tuck perfectly beneath all four fenders with the help of AirLift Slam XL front bags and Slam Specialities SS-5 rear bags, smoothly and quietly redefining the word "low" with the flip of a switch via an AirLift V2 Management system. In conjunction, Dallas installed Dortbitz D-cups along with a a Diesel Geek short shifter to top off what we conclude to be an incredibly mature and devoutly loyal VW, epitomizing everything that the company stands for.

As such, we cannot help but confess that Dallas' TDI has precisely what ProForm stands for as well: Proper Form through the medium of creativity. While this TDI might not have all the goodies that everyone wants, it does have everything Dallas needs -- and, therefore, it epitomizes the artistic expression found only in mediums like automotive tuning and stance. And if this is at all difficult to validate, take a step back and gander at Dallas' TDI as a flawless whole and discover the truest definition of simple, clean, mature, and proper form.

Dallas would like to thank his wife, Meridith, and Hardey at Hardey's Motorwerks.

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