1986 BMW 325E

Terry Henley's 1986 BMW 325E is a striking example of what we believe to be "Form and Function" -- however, Terry's E30 also has with it a vintage sense of each, crafting form out of the iconic E30's strong architecture and function from the cavalcades of his creativity working alongside the selective amount of aftermarket parts readily available.

Having purchased the car as a shell, Terry essentally revamped the entire vehicle from the ground up. Under the bonnet, he went forth and rebuilt the entire motor, adding a Schrick 288 cam, Schrick valve springs, an HKS intake, and a custom (and rumblingly loud) 2 inch straight pipe for more power -- all working to the tune of a Bavarian Autosport performance chip.

Inside, Terry decided to gut the entire interior for a raw and rugged feel, yet boldly complimented by a Hayden electric fan, short shifter, F1-spec carbon fiber race seat, Corbeau 4-point harnesses, and an Auto Meter oil pressure gauge -- all of which work incredibly well to provide an extremely function-focused driving experience (something Terry values as he frequents the track).

The form of the vehicle, however, comes just as strikingly without compromise: originally faced with broken suspension (literally) and wiring issues, Terry revamped the enitre suspension with a welded differential, Koni Yellow shocks and struts, and Eibach lowering springs -- all rolling on 16x8.25 +0 XXR 527's, tightly wrapped by Falken 512's in 205/40's. For proper fitment, Terry utilized -3.9 degrees rear and -2.8 degrees front camber.

With plans to add coilovers, a roll cage, and possibly a 1JZ motor swap, Terry has indefinitely epitomized the phrase "Form and Function." There aren't many cars that look so appropriate on the track yet so fitting at stance-meets, yet Terry has achieved this balance and, as an enthusiast who has gone through a fair share of heavily modified vehicles, a sense of new direction for automotive tuning: Stance isn't always unfunctional, as Terry's E30 clearly and boldly testifies.

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