High Maintenance

If you look up the phrase "High Maintenance" in the Urban Dictionary, certain phrases pop out like, "Requiring a lot of attention" or "A person with expensive taste" and "Requiring much time and many products to keep their appearance at the current level." This last definition especially does justice to the theme of our most recent event, hosted for the purpose of showing off everyone's demanding, needy, and attention-hungry car -- and just as we expected, your support, as a community, delivered.

Despite temperatures reaching into the 90's, many of you came out to reveal and unveil your second-half (and perhaps truest love) to the delight of everyone else who attended. And seeing so many diverse and truly high maintenance cars come out, I was comforted to know that so many of you share my bittersweet suffering: it's definitely encouraging to see that I am not the only one who scrapes everywhere, whose fenders battle and burn tires daily, who can't remember the sound of my car's v-tec because I can't drive fast anymore, and who stresses out about every inch, every sound, every squeek, and every turn of my car -- it is encouraging to see so many of us living the high maintenance life.

But it's even more encouraging to see enthusiasts who don't share in these sufferings and who come out and support our events -- our heart of hearts is truly based on community and developing a unique, original, and innovative stance community in Colorado and it is because of people like you -- people who come out to our events, people who support our efforts, people who follow our features -- that ProForm exists and does its very best to develop, to protect, and to serve the tuning community in Colorado.

Therefore, there is little to nothing else we at ProForm can say or type but "Thank you," with all earnestness and sincerity, for supporting us, for joining us, for learning with us, for helping us, for befriending us, and for suffering alongside us (lol). We can't wait for the next event, expected to be posted by the end of the week (or the beginning of next week)! On a final note, on behalf of the entire ProForm staff, I apologize for not being able to get more photos of the many cars that attended -- we will do a better job diversifying the photos and giving everyone some love next time!

Check out Brandon Kahl's -- ProForm's newest team member -- video recap of the meet here! Also, in case you haven't seen it, check out the trailer here!

More pictures from Jason @ ProForm here!

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