2012 VW Golf R

Virtually every VW enthusiast understands the significance of the Golf R: In 2004, an iconic version of the Golf called the "R32" was released for a limited time, in a limited set of colors, with an unlimited amount of performance potential. The car was arguably under-shadowed by its replacement, the Mk5 R32; the iconic nature of the title "R32" still leaned in loyalty to the Mk4 predecessor. As such, in compensation for the Mk5's insufficiency, the Mk6 Golf R was released in the U.S. in 2012 with a new name and with enormous shoes to fill... And Luke Williams' 2012 Rising Blue Golf R seems to have not just filled those shoes -- Luke's Golf R has revamped, redefined, and reinvented them.

Beginning with performance, Luke installed an APR High Pressure Fuel Pump and EVOMs intake with a United Motorsports Stage 2 tune, unlocking even more power from the 2.0 FSi turbocharged engine. With eventual plans to upgrade to a Stage 3 tune, Luke proceeded to focus on the interior by installing a set of Euro Golf R Recaro seats -- some of the priciest seats available -- achieving an excellent balance between maintaining the natural beauty of OEM craftsmanship with the performance of aftermarket additives and accents.

Luke then proceeded to our favorite aspect of a car: the stance. With a gorgeous set of 18x8.5 +43 and 18x9.5 +43 OZ Futuras with white faces and polished lips, Luke stretched a set of 215/40's to accommodate for the wheel-tucking drop, made possible by AirLift Slam XL front struts and Dorbitz D-cup rear mounts with Slam Specialities RE-5 bags -- controlled by an AirLift AutoPilot V2 management system, moderating one 5 gallon skinny tank and two Viar 444 compressors.

While Mk4 R32 was iconic for so many reasons, the Mk6 Golf R, as seen in the name, is arguably intended to leave a different legacy -- one that maintains a sense of luxury as well as performance, agility as well as practicality, and functionality as well as form. In doing so, Luke Williams' 2012 Golf R couldn't epitomize this direction more -- this Golf maintains the striking simplicity of OEM lines and VW's iconic architecture; however, it also promotes an almost visionary ideal in its aftermarket features, celebrating what is but pursuing what could be, and cherishing the good of what is had while seeking the benefits of what could be had... and this is what makes a car iconic.

Luke would like to thank BlueWater Performance in Denver.

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