The Art of Proper Form

"Knowledge is the only elegance" said Ralph Waldo Emerson, who has essentially defined the difference between ProForm and its "competitors" -- we are not "just another" stanceblog that recycles other people's material, we are not "just another" group of bandwagon-driven import tuners, nor are "just another" group of photographers and videographers who love cars. ProForm truly appreciates all the depth of art behind everything that possesses "proper form" and no other word can better act as a synonym than the word "elegance," defined here as pure, raw, unmolested knowledge. What we know, in other words, develops the elegance that defines our organization -- and we'd like to share just a glimpse of what we know…

We know that community is essential: All of our efforts to host events are not simply for us -- while we enjoy a car meet just as much as the next enthusiast, what we love about hosting events is knowing that we provided what many other groups fail to provide: a safe, family-friendly, well-organized, clean, mature, and creative meet held at an accommodating venue under a unique theme.

We know that originality is key: While on the surface we might be considered to be doing what many (and I do mean many) other enthusiasts around the world are doing, we strive to always take different routes in achieving the same goal, balancing our featured cars with the new and innovative along with the classic and preserving.

We know that innovation is mandatory: This was best seen in our site revamp -- we do not want to settle for the basics or the "already-done." Instead, we seek the most unique and easy-to-use website layouts; we are leading as the sole video-feature based autoblog in Colorado; we host events that are purely original concepts; and we never compromise on our desire to uphold an image of well-organized and mature enthusiasm.

We know first-hand what stance is: While this knowledge may seem most pretentious, it must be made clear that we do not simply talk about stance and the hellaflush movement -- we *are* stanced and we are within the hellaflush movement. Not only do we visit California often to learn, first-hand, the newest and most innovative trends in the culture, most of our team drive heavily stanced vehicles that celebrate originality under the umbrella of being truly proper -- negative cambered wheels as a result of very wide widths, stretched tires as a result of low offsets, poked wheels as a result of small tires, and very low ride height. Furthermore, we do not compromise on brand names and quality materials, executing a build that isn't just flush but clean and well built.

Out of all this knowledge, therefore, we hope to maintain a true sense of elegance and, as an entity, Proper Form -- if we ourselves do not possess proper form, how can we expect to showcase and celebrate it? As such, we are committed to utilizing all we know in developing ProForm the best we can, for quality over quantity, for elegance over compromise, community over culture, and for art over fashion. This is the art of Proper Form -- this is ProForm.

If you'd like to celebrate these values with us, please visit our store and pick up a sticker and/or tee, which are now in stock and on sale!

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